MDM is a full service company, which includes storage, transportation, installation, and takedown. Give us access to your decor, show us where it needs to go, and we make it happen. After determining an install date, the only thing needed from you is a manager to grant us access to the area needing decor. Once installation is complete you can elect to use our on site maintenance services, MDM staff will do scheduled maintenance for the duration of the season. MDM crew will return to takedown decor when the season ends and transport it back to storage.


Not interested in purchasing decor? MDM has a variety of decor you can rent. Our rentals are an extension of our full service installation, with the added flexibility that comes with leasing. Contact us to find out about our large selection of rental decor, from wrapping outdoor trees to erecting a 40′ tree in the middle of your center. MDM can make a package that fits your needs.


Do you have an old set that fell victim to father time, do you want to add something new to an old treasure? Here at our facilities we can do anything to the far reaches of your imagination, from a fresh coat of paint to repairing your set or set pieces. All products MDM refurbishes are of commercial grade and meet the highest safety standards. We strive to make your decor look the same or better than the day you originally received it. We can also replace old greenery (garlands, wreaths, trees and branches). Replace old lights with newer LED lights for better look and reliability. Contact us for more information.